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Moshen Namjoo Concert

Iranian musician Mohsen Namjoo Trio performance!


VIP TICKETS AVAILABLE! $55/ticket. These are the best seats in the house. Call the KPC Box Office at 425.893.9900, 425.893.9900 to order. Quantities very limited.
When: Friday, July 11 at 7:30 pm

Where: Kirkland Performance Center

Address: 350 Kirkland Ave., Kirkland, Washington 98033

Ticket: Click here to purchase ticket.

For more information contact Parham at (425) 224-5854,

Artist Bio:

Moshen Namjoo is an Iranian musician and singer-songwriter whose style is influenced by Blues and Rock as well as Iranian folk music.

The lyrics of his songs are a combination of Persian classical poems, his own lyrics, and contemporary poems; he uses the words freely with irony and sarcasm to carry the music and make a free style of singing. In 2008 Namjoo kicked off his first solo US tour, which granted him the Visiting Artist Fellowship at Stanford University. In 2010 he performed at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, the Sony Center in Toronto, Canada and the Herbst Theater in San Francisco. “Trust The Tangerine Peel” is the latest album of Mohsen Namjoo which was released in May of 2014.

Iranian Festival schedule is up!

Below is the final schedule for the Iranian Festival!

Time Program
12:00 Opening
12:05 Welcome announcement by IACA
12:10 Song by Persian Preschool
12:20 Persian traditional Music by Alexadner Beasely
12:30 Opening Dance by Karavan Dance Troupe
12:45 Classic Guitar by Naeim Rahmani
12:55 Music by Golbanoo Ghavami, Nima Mirzaee, Vafa Mostaghim & Lilia
1:10 Solo Dance by Elham Hakimi
1:15 Program by kAnoon Farsi school
1:25 Dance by Karavan Dance Troupe
1:40 Traditional music by Amir Haghighi, Saina Khaledi, Sina Ettehad, Amy Stephen, Hamin Honari & Ali Sajjadi
2:10 Talk by Author Meghan Seyres
2:25 Standup comedy by Tehran
2:40 Persian traditional Music by Alexander Beasely
2:50 Dance by Karoun Dance Ensemble
3:00 Talk by Misha Graham (Designer of the Iranian Festival poster )
3:05 Talk by Cookbook Author Louisa Shafia
3:20 Classic Guitar by Naeim
3:30 Few words by Ali Ghambari
3:35 Poetry reading by Shahrzad Shams
3:40 Music by Reza Razavi
3:45 Talk by Dr. Iraj Khademi
3:50 Talk by Joel Walker
3:55 Dance by Karoun
4:00 Talk by Laila Ghambari
4:05 “Iranian Americans Got Talent!” show
5:05 Standup Comedy by Tehran
5:20 Fashion Show
5:35 Dance Ensemble Duet: Ghafghazi dance by Alfredo Gormezano & Janelle Bel Isle
5:40 Talk by Sahar Fathi
5:45 Traditional music by Amir Haghighi, Saina Khaledi, Sina Ettehad, Amy Stephen, Hamin Honari & Ali Sajjadi
6:15 Music by Peyman Marandiz
6:25 Sufi Dance and Poem by Alfredo
6:30 Dance by Mystic Rose Company