Join the IACA Board of Directors

IACA Board of Directors is looking to add one more member to the leadership team!

We are looking for young and energetic professional that is passionate about the Iranian-American community, has great communication skills, and can work in a team setting while taking leadership on certain tasks. The selected board member will start as an interim member for the first year, then the rest of IACA board will decide upon making this board member’s position a permanent one.The current IACA Board Members are: Ali Ghambari, Rozita Ghaderi, and Ali Rezaeian. Mahta Ahmadnia will be joining the leadership team as of January 2015, therefore we are seeking one more individual to make the team complete for the 2015-2016 year.


Go to the following link to fill out the online form, attach your resume along with a cover letter:

Board Member Position Application

If you have any questions e-mail your inquiry to:


Moshen Namjoo Concert

Iranian musician Mohsen Namjoo Trio performance!


VIP TICKETS AVAILABLE! $55/ticket. These are the best seats in the house. Call the KPC Box Office at 425.893.9900, 425.893.9900 to order. Quantities very limited.
When: Friday, July 11 at 7:30 pm

Where: Kirkland Performance Center

Address: 350 Kirkland Ave., Kirkland, Washington 98033

Ticket: Click here to purchase ticket.

For more information contact Parham at (425) 224-5854,

Artist Bio:

Moshen Namjoo is an Iranian musician and singer-songwriter whose style is influenced by Blues and Rock as well as Iranian folk music.

The lyrics of his songs are a combination of Persian classical poems, his own lyrics, and contemporary poems; he uses the words freely with irony and sarcasm to carry the music and make a free style of singing. In 2008 Namjoo kicked off his first solo US tour, which granted him the Visiting Artist Fellowship at Stanford University. In 2010 he performed at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, the Sony Center in Toronto, Canada and the Herbst Theater in San Francisco. “Trust The Tangerine Peel” is the latest album of Mohsen Namjoo which was released in May of 2014.

Letter from IACA Co-Founder and Board Member, Ali Ghambari:

Dear Friends, Family, and Community,

The Iranian Festival 2014 is fast approaching and is now just a month away on Saturday June 28th at the Seattle Center Armory.

The Iranian festival aims to share the arts and history of Iran, its customs, food, music, dance, and poetry. Every year, over 3,000 people from across the Seattle area attend the Iranian Festival and participate in one of the largest celebrations of Persian culture across the country. Last year we were able to mobilize over 50 volunteers to organize the festival and work at the event. The success of this event was due to the passionate dedication of volunteers and community members who gave their time and energy in creating a memorable experience for the entire community.

Without unity, building a viable community and celebrating diversity is not possible.

I challenge you to tell me what is a more important event that you can work for or give to? What event brings more love, unity and sense of community, to yourself, your kids, your family, your friends, your Iranian American community and the bigger community as a whole in our state of Washington than the Iranian American Community Alliance (IACA) Iranian Festival? The Iranian Festival has been building community and love for the last 7 years. When we talk about the IACA Community organization we talk about an organization that does not have any affiliation to political or religious group, it doesn’t mean that our board members and supporters do not have their own personal religious beliefs and/or political affiliations. Each of us as individuals come together with the love for building community that encompasses everyone with love in our great community.

Ali Ghambari